Work One

In the first part of the work, it seemed of basic importance to detach the concept of health, that still generates controversies, and passed for diverse modifications throughout the years. At as a moment it was distinguished the concepts of some authors regarding the Security of the Work. In the present work it was standed out, still, the importance of the maintenance of the health, and forms of if it estresse preventing it in the labor environment, as well as the moral siege, that if configures as abuse of being able in the work relations. 2. HEALTH to appraise health is necessary to detach that it has all a tradition and one to uncurl description, of what is health and illness, through the common sense. It is distinguished despite both have its biological roots, and are not simply social phenomena.

However the biological data are interpreted of distinct form, in accordance with religious, cultural changes, imagination and standard of living of the people and the collective. Destarte, each period of the history of the humanity had its proper way to interpret the health concept. It is necessary to stand out despite, perfect health is a very changeable ideal, that never will be reached of full form, therefore to each change of the times, new problems if they present. Initially, health is an opposing condition to the one of illness, disfuno, or incapacity. According to Brito Bastos (1979, apud SOUTO, 2007, P. 14): The illness absence necessarily does not mean health in the welfare direction general. The line of landmark between good and the bad one been of health are sufficiently delicate and to the times difficult to define with precision, not to be in regards to certain acute illnesses, situation where it is defined by the methods and available parameters, clinical and laboratoriais, whose criteria are revised or brought up to date from time to time.