Word Tasks

The site was constructed for a reason – your objective public can do what needs to do? Also it is a good idea to ask the user that suggests tasks. Although this gives to an indication more of its expectations and needs, new functionalities or priorities can be suggested. 5. How Word Tasks People tend to realise more, naturally, if they provide scenes to them instead of instructions. When giving them tasks, would have to use phrases like " hypothesis has taken place, and that needs to call to the company with urgency – to find the number of telfono". This is far better that " to find the contact with us section of sitio". 6.

Presentation of the tasks Dale to the participants a task simultaneously. More than it can intimidate to the same, or modify his approach of the test. If the user is forced to use consumptions of outside the test (for example, giving them to a message of electronic mail a password for the site), dales these entrances in the form that will appear. This will provide useful information on all the elements of the process, instead of simply the site. In order to make money in Internet, you must evaluate all the aspects of your business in line. 7. How to behave during the Test of Usabilidad He is essential that you remember that it is the Web site that is being put on approval, not that you or the subject.

Any data that it obtains is valuable to make money in Internet asegrate of which the participant knows. If they cannot do something, asegrate of which they know that it is not his fault. You must remain calm and outside the view during the test. You do not have to alter to the test resultses, providing tracks, which suggests directions or by reaction of things that to say or to do.