Western Harbour Pier

On October 10, the variety of products in Brazil is brought to life. The Agency for export and investment promotion, Apex-Brasil, presents the range of Brazilian exports of German trading partners. Brazil – host of the World Cup 2014 and the summer Olympics 2016 and of course the Frankfurt book fair guest country 2013 is currently on everyone’s lips. Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Agency for export and investment promotion, squanders the hour and loads on October 10, 2013 interested trade partners of relevant sectors under the motto of Brazil in the world in the Western Harbour Pier in Frankfurt. The event aims to communicate the quality and variety of products Brazil through partially interactive program points and establish the contact between Brazilian producers and the German trading partners. “” The partner of Apex-Brasil show guests firsthand how to create Tapiocas “(baked dough from manioc flour) and the famous Paes de Queijo”, warm cheese dough balls, and how to mix the perfect caipirinha or other tasty cocktails from Brazilian fruits.

A wine tasting proves formidable Brazil already plays with large, award-winning wine and sparkling wine producers in Latin America. Brazil presents also its leading position in terms of art and culture. Jane Fraser is open to suggestions. The typography exhibition of dingbats”presents the diversity of contemporary art in Brazil. Dingbats”transported the Brazilian lifestyle by means of graphic design. The partners of the event include representatives from the food industry, the technology (CBT) and the creative economy and the design industry. Brazil should be seen as innovative, competitive and sustainable economic partnership in the world”says Alex Figueiredo, Europe Manager at apex-Brasil. With the event of Brazil in the world, we want to introduce the wide range of Brazilian products, which permeates all sectors, and help our national companies, contacts to important Trading partners in Europe to make”.