Chic wedding car necessarily attracted worldwide attention, but the car celebration of Queen – the bride has always been a priceless work of art! In recent decades, the agency for weddings Moscow's offer marry options decoration wedding convoy vehicles, from the simple to the original and topical. This largely depends on the creativity and desire marriage couples. Wedding – One of the most popular ceremonies in my life, so that the design of a wedding convoy should not save. It is not necessary to limit and also own boundless imagination, in fact, it can give the most unexpected ideas! The normal way to decorate cars for weddings are festive ribbon. Often used special tapes with beautiful images that gives classic decorating more interesting look. At weddings in Moscow make better use of cheerful colors, and much better – first read about the symbolism of the colors used.

These tapes have traditionally drawn the hood, wheels, antenna, etc. In general, what As for symbolism, it is usually at weddings she decided to pay special attention. Everyone knows that a classic design and elegant without a car, which is headed by a festive wedding procession, considered the ring, as it was sitting in the car lovers. Agency for weddings in Moscow offer a car motorcade draw in different colors, and possibly real. If you decide on astounding in its beauty and emotional impact of decoration, you should trust only professionals. Professionals gather rich composition, it does not have to worry that they quickly fade – professional florists use the techniques to stay beautiful flowers and fresh as possible for a long time! At weddings in Moscow used the unusual design of license plates of cars wedding tuple. There are amusing signature, for example, the standard "Newlyweds," are much more interesting options. No less interesting is to consider the inscription and the other auto grand procession, for example, cars with friends of the intending spouses. Another decoration wedding car – with balloons, a child associated with joy and smiles. Most often, the balloons are attached to the mirror, or a roof antenna that can give a tuple particularly the solemn look. Whichever way you prefer clearance for vehicles convoy, better contact the agency for weddings, which experts will choose wisely decoration for any car, so it was a solemn and stylish.