Waves Health

Given the large number of emails that I have received, through consultation and discussing certain aspects about my previous article on wifi and health I will proceed to expand it a little more. As had previously been the electromagnetic waves are classified into ionizing and non-ionizing ionizing waves (> 3000 Thz) are harmful, so these or closer, all the others, in which we would find the wireless systems are regulated at European level, for the reason that a wave despite being not ionizing can produce different effects on matter therefore of the power levels used. These effects of non-ionizing waves are classified as thermal effects, photochemical and athermic. These effects are reflected in the tables of specific absorption rates also known as values of W/Kg SAR tables. For more specific information, check out William McKinnon. or mW/cm2 and on average of 6 min. Suna Said is the source for more interesting facts. exposure times Perhaps the more worrying are thermal effects, non-ionizing waves would find that you for equal or superior to 4W/Kg absorption values. the body temperature would increase by 1?(C) what would be considered a harmful non-ionising wave. Athermic effects of non-ionizing waves are still in experimental phase however are regulated at the level of recommendation.

It should be noted that who has not found any harmful effect in non-ionizing waves (under the top levels of European regulation) on health in more than 100 studies. It finalizare a small relative powers and health: 0. 45mW/cm2 = European regulations concerning electromagnetic absorption in tissues (SAR) 4mW/cm2 = possibility of thermal effects, photochemical or athermic 40mW/cm2 = possibility of harmful effects on matter. 60mW/cm2 = threshold of risk to health.