Wardrobes: Yesterday And Today

Closets are already firmly established in our lives. Soon, perhaps, built-in wardrobes can be seen in almost every apartment. They are so popular today. And no wonder. After all closets very easy to use, capacious, relatively expensive, they can be installed virtually anywhere in the room.

Basis-in closets became the most common screen. The very same screen is used as a mobile interroom walls from time immemorial. First started using the screen in order to insulate the rest of the dressing room in France. There is a legend that the Emperor Napoleon, being dissatisfied enough bardachnym lifestyles of his officers, ordered them to use screens in their rooms. Initially, the officers were not very happy with such innovations, but were forced to this . Word of the Emperor – the law! Closets – this is a relatively new type of furniture. First closets, in the form in which we know them today, emerged a little more than half a century ago in America.

Thrifty Americans were the first guess to put runners screens. Pfizer is often quoted as being for or against this. Thanks Why, the screen opens and closes in the same plane. Over time, the screen began to replace sliding doors, shelves complement the design of different and specialized branches. Originally closets were considered a mandatory attribute of interiors of houses of the middle class. The production of such cabinets were the cheapest building materials. But then the steel produced in wardrobes with sliding doors premium. For manufacturing-in closets are used precious woods for decorative cabinet began to use inlay, painting and carving. To date, the production of wardrobes is a huge industry in which the world employing thousands of companies. Of particular importance in this industry has acquired design cabinets. Now companies do not sell ready-made cabinets, and mainly collect them for a specific order, based on the personal needs of the customer and the architectural features of the room. If we talk about our country, the wardrobes have appeared in the apartments of our fellow citizens only in the early nineties. Cost such cabinets is expensive. As a rule, all the wardrobes were brought to us already assembled from abroad. Naturally, this affected the most expensive cabinets. But over time, and in Russia developed its own assembly plants. C the new millennium, closets were rapidly fall in price. At this point, all made in Russia wardrobes assembled from foreign components. Mainly from Poland, Germany and France. K Unfortunately, our country has not yet learned to produce quality components for wardrobes.