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Humberto Cantu of course, my good friend, Professor young Peruvian who attended his postgraduate degree in that school who taught administration, Alejandro Makino, me also since then other teachers collaborated on my identification of what represent Administrative Sciences in favour of the development of enterprises, organizations. Applies which proclaims the school in their advertising is the only Latin American school that integrates in its academic programs in all strategic areas of the business: management, finance, marketing, international business, management for manufacturing, e-Management, services management, financial management, entrepreneurship and Latin American business environment. The privileged places that the school holds in international rankings are result of the quality of its students, graduates, professors and programs, which translates into a constant commitment to strengthen their processes and ensure that their academic standards meet international criteria. Thanks to the expertise of its faculty, the EGADE Monterrey has reached a international position, where professors designed learning experiences aimed at the solution of problems and capitalize on business opportunities that encourage student self-determination. This internationalization is complemented by the international environment that exists to study at the EGADE, where study materials with classmates from 25 Nations. In addition to programs double degree with leading schools, exchanges at distinguished universities with which we have agreements and classes with visiting professors from United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America. As any school in its initial stage ara then experienced was the best way to grow and this caused gaps that over time, I hope already corrected them. One of my concerns that chased me until I graduated and I expressed some of my teachers, was that the case studies were not linked to the reality that was then facing Mexico, especially Monterrey, which required contributions of new models that involve the prevailing organizational culture in the enterprises of the region where were considered the main administrative problems that are faced and proposed solutions could be given to generate changes that youth organizations, in general case studies to discuss were Americans, very few of Mexico and some Latin American countries.