Unique BookTale

Now you can teach a child reading the book, where he will read about himself. Unique creative book for each child individually! Agree, it's interesting, funny. And the child knowing that it will be about him willing, to read dalshe.Okruzhayuschie characters – the parents, friends, neighbors, grandparents, pets, all the toys, pet cups – plates and much drugoe.Personalnye tales for children is a book that Each story is written for a specific child. Each book is unique and produced copies 1 copy. On the cover photo of a child, on the first page – the inscription. All the stories good and instructive, develop the children's positive qualities and learn something.

22 personal stories. The child takes the book everywhere for a walk in the kindergarten, even on birthdays of other children. This is a wonderful gift, a wonderful opportunity bring the child to learn to read. Coloring Books, located in each tale give the child a choice, will look like his characters: he is, parents, friends, animals, nature. This is a great creative workshop for a positive outcome. The protagonist of fairy tales – it's the child in an environment close to his people.

The book can be ordered on the official web sayteSeychas when ordering a 10% discount, discount code for FY3700 to order necessary send a photo, fill out a form with information about the child. This information is necessary for the authors of personal tales. The book can be ordered in hard or soft cover, as well as a pdf file (it is much faster and cheaper). Also available are several ways of payment.