Trucks FFZ Management

The electronic management of industrial trucks (FFZ) with selective maintenance control, many organizations need the ability to record the effective use of their trucks more accurately, to get assistance in determining the inspection intervals. Time and money is spent often unnecessary inspections of trucks, which are used very little or perhaps even for a long time unused in the warehouses are standing around. In contrast to the vehicle inspections, based on a certain mileage, these are made easily in trucks at specific time intervals, E.g. every three months. This handling may be anything other than cost effectively. The world famous “flower market” in Amsterdam, Holland, contacted Traka, because there exactly this problem existed. Excessive maintenance costs were vehicles, often not needed in this effort. After the Traka proposed mechanical key management solution already test 10 vehicles used was to use on authorized persons to limit, appeared this control as a natural extension of the existing application.

Through the use of “iFob per person” could be traced already, who had exactly access to these vehicles. Thus, it was possible to create a usage log of the entire fleet, indicating how often each vehicle is used. Based on this Protocol, the client can set the maintenance dates due to the effective use of the vehicle and is no longer bound by timed intervals of inspection. Approach each vehicle in the market halls is equipped with a drive pedal, that activates a micro switch that is connected directly to the positive terminal of the battery. The following proposal was submitted to then: If the Traka Immobilisor data logger records, when the pedal is pressed, the use of minutes of the vehicle can be accumulated. The minutes of use would be stored on the user iFob, and this information would be the starting point for the exact determination of the use of each individual vehicle.

The user Protocol stored via the Immobilisor data logger in the Traka32 management software would specify the hours/minutes, and the administrator might use this Protocol as a basis to set the maintenance schedule for each vehicle. 3 trucks with the corresponding Immobilisor data logger systems were equipped for testing. Immobilisor use table the Immobilisor use table shows the total number of hours stored for each vehicle or minutes. This table is used by the system administrator to determine when a vehicle has reached the necessary maintenance hours. Everything indicates that this trial shows good results. The customer is already planning to equip more vehicles with the system, to extend the number of already registered data. Although it is currently too early to predict the exact cost savings through the use of this system, so potential arise on the basis of this solution Savings in the areas of workforce optimization and reduction of administrative and operating failure of all factors that directly contribute to productivity and competitive advantage. In addition will lead to an expansion of the applications, including the automatic message when reaching the specified number of hours of work, the further development of the system.