Trading The Gold – Savings Account

Uncertain times why you should now have gold! Why you should now have gold! We are located in politically and economically highly uncertain times. Everywhere in the world, conflicts simmer. The global economy has suffered a severe shock. What began as a real estate crisis in the United States, has spread in recent months to a powerful global financial crisis and now flows in a great depression with high systemic risks. Threat to your wealth: the impact of the financial crisis now fully penetrate into the real economy. The Governments and central banks try to bring confidence in economy and population back with gigantic rescue plans.

The public debt worldwide adopted gargantuan proportions here. It is only a matter of time before the first countries in Europe to be insolvent. The scenario of a long-lasting economic depression runaway inflation followed by and currency cut is no longer excluded. Its capacity is thus seriously threatened. Make your money now to gold as long as there still is the KB Precious metals Corporation of Switzerland, in its group of companies, including the KB GmbH from Munich is connected, distributes since mid-2008 Europe-wide a product\”, which fits perfectly into the modern era.

A time in which many people are insecure and afraid to your savings! \”… in which the word crisis\” makes the round! … where many people seek which value is estimated for thousands and – has never lost its value in contrast to paper money – security in a precious metal: Gold! Experts agree the 5 20% of assets in gold should be secured. Precious metals from the Switzerland a gold-roofed savings account without fixed term offers the KB. From 50 EUR per month each to certified monetary gold can come to hedge against rising inflation and inflation. Only certified monetary gold is easily as a global means of payment accepted.