Toastmasters Caucasian Feast

In the Caucasus, there is an ancient tradition – where friends gather for a festive table, be sure to choose the leading holiday feast. This person is called a toaster. As a rule, a person chosen toastmaster very well respected and reputable, knowledgeable customs and traditions of his people, and most importantly – knowing how to grab the attention of all participants in party. This is a very honorable duty. The word "toastmaster" of Georgian origin and means "life-affirming." This is not surprising – after all, the most important quality of Toastmasters is the ability to speak, a sense of humor and artistry.

That he is the key person at the banquet table and the correct choice depends on the success of Toastmasters the whole holiday. Usually Caucasian feast begins with the fact that the toastmaster embeds guests at the table, strictly observing seniority. It's a ritual, which attach great importance – visiting guests put on a most honorable seats closer to the elders. Then the toaster presents to each other all the participants of the festive table giving them a brief description. Opens a feast of praise to God. One of the most important skill is the ability to Toastmasters toasts. In the Caucasus since ancient times differed toast elegance.

They can be short or long, but always emotional, often with profound implications. Good Caucasian Tamada must be proficient in the art. There are a few examples: "They sailed on a ship merchant and scholar. The merchant was a rich and carrying with him a lot of goods.