Three Extra Sales Per Day

But, let us admit that you want to buy a new car and after some economies she takes the possante for the garage of its house. What it comes later? It can be, for example, a property? From there, you congregate the resources necessary and acquire so dreamed well. What he comes later? He can be the publication of a workmanship. Then you if kill entering dawns adentro until arriving at night of autographs.

Without doubts, a conquest and in such a way. But, passed the euphoria of the conquest, you one meets relaxed in the sofa and without perceiving it appears to such question that it does not want to keep silent: what it comes later? Vacations drawn out for the Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas or Oceania can be. Then you appeal to the economies, take care of of the logistic one so that nothing she has left wrong in its absence, purchase the tourist package and embark for the longed for rest. The vacations had been a success. You tanned each instant of the trip. However, one week after the return for aconchego, you meet relaxed repassing and relembrando each photo. He arrives at the last one and you he breathes deep and involuntarily he appears the usual investigation: what he comes later? He is, accurately, this question that in the ones of the motivation and moves our life in direction to the accomplishments.

It is who in the awaken a will and generates fagulha that she lights the fogueira of the conquest, the energy to surpass the adversities and to use to advantage the chances, creating the commitment that keeps in them in the route of the success. However, it has who says that the hard motivation little. From there, I say, it I last little exactly, as well as the bath, but he is therefore that I recommend to take bath every day. Therefore, before obtaining to reach the next goal, we must always asking in them: What it comes later? Thus acting, we will congregate the energy necessary to be successful. One another tip is: while we do not reach the next goal, we must admire, be thankful and cheer with what we have. To concentrate our energies in what we possess without envying what not yet we conquer is a wisdom that winning as the athletes Skin, Zico, Romrio, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Ronaldo Phenomenon, astro of the Golf Tiger Woods, politicians as Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, Fernando Enrique Cardoso, Barack Obama, leaders with the Franklin Roosevelt, Gandhi among others, they dominate. It is as Sarah Breathnach said: When we cannot opt to concentrating in them in what it is lacking in our lives, but we are grateful for the abundance that is present. we try the sky in terra’ ‘. Now that you know of this, you are alone to strengthen yourself to transform the knowledge into habit. Therefore, as the master Zig Ziglar says: the motivation makes with that you walk for the top, the habit keeps you there . It thinks about this and excellent week, Managing Evaldo Coast of the Institute of the Concessionaires of Brazil Writer, consultant, lecturer and professor.