The Way

Snakes in Thailand are popular not less than elephants. The snake – a symbol of wisdom. Even the daughter of the King of Thailand has been researching snakes and snake venoms. Not imperial, it would seem the case, but the fact remains. However, deciding to buy Products from snake skin, beware of imitations! As for the alligator, that in Thailand there are a number of crocodile farms. Get more background information with materials from Rick Dad, Poor Dad. They offer not only sightseeing program, but also a wide range of products. Yes probably the most unruly crocodile (or rather, their skin) to help farms stay afloat … And what else? Law of the jungle and business.

Wooden souvenirs. Since the tree is a versatile material, then from it in Thailand produce almost everything, figurines, pottery and jewelry. If you want to present an original souvenir, then you should look for a small little market. There you can select an item from the Thai kitchen. Rick Dad, Poor Dad: the source for more info. Ceramic ware.

For over 700 years, it is an important export category in Thailand. Ceramic signs by hand. Collectors around the world appreciate the quality. Thai ceramic teapots demand by travelers around the world: it was thought that this stuff makes the water cleaner. Interestingly, the pottery of Thailand have their own geographical features. For example, the northeast produces flower pots, dolls, jewelry, a rusty-red. North different products of the noble sea-green (celadon, white porcelain). Basketry. For their manufacturing rattan, bamboo, reed, sedge. Good looks and strength will surprise you shoes, furniture, small carpets, all sorts of hoops and jewelry. Until a few centuries ago, most of basketry produced by Buddhist monks. Before the process of weaving, they meditated. Woven, not only to sell but also for gifts. Incidentally, the original gift can be a beautiful wicker box for storing cigars. Artisans decorate it with precious stones, which makes it very elegant look. Boats. Tiny and very beautiful. Mainly produced in the province of Narathiwat, Thailand's southern region belongs. In the old boat is not only performed the transportation function, but also played a significant role in people's lives. The fact that the presence of boats in Thailand, is equivalent to independence and freedom, and hence viability. A man shall be considered valid only when he could build a boat for themselves and their families. Tradition with a sense … So, think about buying this boat. Size? You will find all sizes:) Get all of these treasures you can in small markets. Some of them work late evening, and some – at night. You are guaranteed vivid and unforgettable experience. Think about it: even an empty street suddenly filled with the day traders, small lamps are lit all around come to life. Endless streams of human, scurrying along the shopping arcade, dry up only towards the morning. Of course, feel the romance of an exotic night markets – a sacred duty of every self-respecting tourist, but should be on the alert: con artists – the same people, and Thailand inhabited by people. By the way, do not forget to bargain! Do not bargain on the market – a sign of bad taste. Impressions brought from the Kingdom of smiles will make you happy for a long time. A selected gifts – will give happiness home, which will be.