The Seller Is A Proud Sound

A long time and, hopefully, permanently sunk into oblivion time of general shortages, cards and queues, when the work was considered quite a prestigious retailer, and money. And it was natural, since the possibility of "get" scarce products and things opened up many doors. There was no need to fight for every buyer, and this used by unscrupulous persons in the trade. Profession seller are subject to constant attack from satirists. Gradually, the stereotype seller, as a very cunning, crafty and unprincipled of the subject, ready to fool anyone if it will bring profit. Rude, undereducated, and are constantly in stale clothes, aunt with loud unpleasant voice – that's the image of a salesman who was propagated mostly in the minds of buyers. Although in fact it is to put it mildly, not entirely untrue. As a rule, the sellers ended specialized educational institutions, and were even at that time rampant literacy enough educated people. And the Institute of Trade was one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Of course, as in any field activity had its own problems, but rather they were an exception to the rule than the rule. But this coin has another side. If before talking about rudeness and boorishness was only about the seller, now is strange at first glance, the picture. More and more it comes to rudeness and crudeness buyers! That is, the friendly salesman becomes, the more brazen acts by the buyer. And now, like many years ago, we were try to assure that the seller is to blame for everything. If before this position was we can say is beneficial to the state, where the seller is left up to the shoulders of all the mistakes "planned" economy. And you could not produce more and better, but say it is unfair and evil salesman all hid under the counter, so that we could get them, it is now clear that the same producers is beneficial to their poor quality goods posted the seller, not the manufacturer. With what it could be linked? Reasons, in my opinion, somewhat.