The Quagmire

THIRD PART The Quagmire The quagmire was a shady place with many capins high as a great green wall that balanced stimulated for the wind, dry and twisted trees covered by great become entangled of trepadeiras, mosses, great mushrooms fought for space. A mantle of dark green silt covered the roots that jumped of inside of the land. To far one saw great small trees with its long arms opened for the sky in an shout of clemency of the suffocating mantle of the plants parasites that went down in long braids and went up as immense serpents. In the hollow trunks and decayed roots insects: strange scorpions, lacraias, beetles of all the formats jumped for the ground. In the sky bees and mosquitos they dived inside in clouds of the capinzal.

Strange sounds saw, all the moment, to dive in the ears of our travellers, sounds as: to jam of dry twigs, alucinantes shouts, howl of the wind. ortgage Services. An agonizing choir that fulled the quagmire all. When seeing that Antenor place gave a step stops backwards and stumbled at a trunk and falls of coast. There lying it saw, for its astonishment, a great black spider preparing its teia. The spider ran of a side for the other with its long legs weaveeing a great mantle in form of net with a long wire that leaves a small orifice located in abdome the jenny, almost transparent. At this moment, a small fly, careless way, beat in the teia and were imprisoned, despaired insistently tried if to exempt, the more if it debated imprisoned more was, its agitation called the attention the spider that in great speed it dived against the fly it involved and it with a shroud. Scared, Antenor if raised quickly and if it played on of Gordon that slip and falls in the soil.