The Dr

When it presses the hand of somebody, does not make it for obligation, but with taste, in a firm footprint, as it was a whip handle, or a skewer of picanha. It has the calm ways, but a direct and impulsive skill to look answers; to deepen the research; to go, beyond deeper. Emiliano Vargas was of planto, to the three, when the telephone touched: somebody it informed on the explosion, it gave the address and it disconnect. The ambulances had left immediately, without waiting a confirmation; Emiliano was in one of them, grasping the recorder and the old Nikon. While the cars ran for the empty streets, it started to imagine the causes possible: a gas explosion, a short circuit in a transforming one, an assault to one kiosk of auto attendance. But they were only hypotheses.

Some did not have detail. When arriving, it saw as soon as it had been a bomb; it fixed in the mind all the details that could, finds nothing; but he observes, listening and passes its report ahead. – Already I know, already I know; they only know what they write; later that they write, they forget and the report disappears in the table of the head. But between us – what nobody hears in them – he was one attempted against here? – Not. For me, it was only one acknowledgment; was not nobody to be wounded. These four had entered of gaiato Of any form, Emiliano using to advantage itself of the distraction of the policeman, it obtained to examine per some minutes documents of the victims.

It took note of everything what it could and it recolocou the papers finds where them. Now it had cloth for sleeve, gave stops> , incapable to make an effort to leave the college, year after year. He is today with 28 years and still he receives notes low. He is as the son of one> cabecinha hollow ; it belongs to the high middle class; the father is a respected doctor. It also presents some breakings, is being kept sedada, while she waits that a surgery is programmed. Later, as the couple: Sundays Claude: Sundays he is only son of a rich land proprietor of the Pontal, the Dr. Adlio, important figure of the Ruralista Society. The Dr. Adlio initiated exactly> this week the process of transference of its patrimony for this only heir. Sundays it is what it presents wounds of lesser gravity. In a first examination, it was seen that it was with an enormous rooster in the head, beyond having broken clavcula. However, the official corruption that suffered leaves it with it says and pensamen to it