The Daughters Of The Sun: A Fairy Tale Interpretation CD

or “A paradise found again” fairy tales, interpretation, audio CD …die great mother…You carry it in you, a wise woman, still in the nascent, that links together the seemingly illogical, but extremely useful, as well as the great skills of the deep psyche. “Clarissa Pinkola of Estes quote from the dance of the great mother”, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Munchen, 2007, their environmental experience as uncaring, cold and barren and is thought of as the remedy to make Sun’s daughter Princess Sonnenschein would be. An encounter with a man, Prince diamond, a son of the Moon, encourages them to follow the dangerous path through the underworld. The views and goals of this man are consistent with yours, he is incapacitated at the beginning of the story, so she want to help him. She has many dangers to insist on their way and more than once she gets it in highest risk of life. Worn by the energy of love, and with the help of their skirts, which the myth of the great Mother Goddess pick up, it succeeds the beloved Prince to rescue and a Kingdom to establish the eternal Kingdom of love and fertility, paradise regained concludes in the dance with other daughters of the Sun. What are the benefits and sense has contemporary art? An approach would be that the art, not anywhere but in many cases, removed from its origins, the Greek-influenced Karthasis.

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