Team A-workx At The ADAC GT MASTERS At Red Bull RIng

Team a-workx Akrapovic of next no luck the team a-workx Akrapovic was with high expectations to the ADAC GT MASTERS weekend to the Red Bull ring left Austria. According to rank # 1 in free practice and places 5 and 2 in the qualifying, the conditions seemed may be optimal. In the completely chaotic first race could Sebastian Asch work quickly on place 2 and drove a fantastic stint – although he was on the road with slicks in the pouring rain, until the pit stop window opened. Unfortunately, he also was a victim of the chaotic conditions in the pit entrance. Various competition vehicles were crisscrossing so that he lost a lot of time on the track returned Michael Ammermuller only at # 6. At the end of the a-workx Porsche lands held on the podium only in 7th place. The Sunday race took place in bright sunshine. Starting driver Michael Ammermuller always remained within striking distance on the leading Thomas Jager about his entire turn, had to be careful however, that his brakes in the shadow of the wind do not overheat and could be the ultimate Fix overtaking.

Confidently and safely, he gave the 911 GT3 R of team-mate Sebastian Asch, who in turn immediately passed on Florian Stoll and dominated the race from now on. 20 minutes to go then the end of all dreams of victory: without propulsion, Sebastian must turn off the Porsche and end the race prematurely. Once again, team and drivers have done a perfect job, unfortunately remained the hard work without reward. Sebastian Asch: Today has actually changed everything, the car was excellent and probably sure I had can take home first place. Without warning the premature was then unfortunately.” Michael Ammermuller: somehow the necessary race luck we are lacking this season.

Whenever we are able to be very forward with something unpredictable happens. The possible victory today would have been the deserved reward for the great work for the whole team this weekend. The ADAC GT masters will take place on a total of eight race weekends and will take place in the framework of the ADAC masters weekend.