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To define Carraipia it must be said that it is a beautiful piece of land, drawn by the brush of God in the crisp canvas of his infinite wisdom. When I hear talk of Carraipia my emotions turn on because it’s a place that I associate my best memories from the early age when in the folds of my memory began to host stories, anecdotes and the well numbered stories of those who had the privilege of knowing him. nich. Carraipia is the crossing of the roads that go to everywhere. To Riohacha, the stately city of Peninsula; for Albania and Cuestecitas, the places of the present and the future, Valledupar land where Escalona made that life would become beautiful songs. But Carraipia is a road that also leads the happiness, a happiness that is represented in the face of beautiful children whose smile of innocence us approaching the Unfading Glory of God.

Also along Carraipia you arrive at the doors of friendship, because sincere smile of his men and women, his cordial greeting and your hug fraternal make us feel as if we were family. I think it is fair to say that Carraipia nobody is stranger or alien or strange, because everyone who your floor arrives is received as one of their own. In Carraipia the Golden Sun of all ages and of all the millennia, mother earth enlightens and gives you the vital stimulus so that sprout from its bowels the Green solid and vigorous with which nature spreads its energy to generously provide us their delicious fruits, their abundant crops and its host grata. Carraipia, the land of the such, is also the land of noble, hardworking people whose hands have been built with a place full of hope in a pleasant and friendly future in which men and women may hug in peace and will continue writing proud renewed harmony, achievement, conquest and development history.