Processing Carborundum Rely

Processing Carborundum Rely on Crusher Production processing of carborundum relays on crusher and grinding equipments, for it s specially requirement, it need to choose appropriate crushers. Henan Hongxing sand maker is suitable for crushing and reshaping of soft, medium hard and extra hard materials, which is widely applied to ores, cement, pipes Jose, bauxite clinker, emery, glass raw material, machine-made sand construction, stone as well as metallurgy slag, it has a higher productivity especially in the crushing of hard, ultrahard and Abrasive resistance materials such as carborundum, emery, bauxite, magnesite firing. According to the 12th five year development plan of China sand making engineering machinery industry of the 12th five year and the experts prediction, in the year of 2015, China sand making engineering machinery industry leaves scale will reach 900 billion RMB, average annual growth rate will be17%, with exports around $26 billion. The sandstone can be pided into quartz sandstone, arkose and lithic sandstone according to its depositional environment. The sand and sandstone constitute the main reservoirs of oil, gas and groundwater. The sand and sandstone can be used as abrasives, glass raw materials and the building materials. Ensure that all loose bolts are tightened on a daily basis. If any bolt becomes loose it may create a more serious problem for you at a later stage due to the constant vibrations surging through the immense machine.

The following bolts should be checked on a daily basis when carrying out maintenance. The frame part of the impact crusher is divided into three fission structure. Simply open the rear chassis can replace the plate hammer, fight back board, lining etc. Components and parts of the impact crusher can replaced easily and the varieties of wearing parts are less, which is convenient for purchasing and management. Hydraulic open device is used for opening and closing of cabinet, can effectively reduce the intensity of the maintenance work and improve working efficiency maintenance, reduces the time of the maintenance. The monitoring system of impact crushers can monitor running states at any time, signal monitoring and control system can interlock, which ensure the machine s security and reliable operation. The driving system of the impact crusher is worked by the way of motor + mechanical coupling + V belt + crusher, which can effectively improve the engine starting performance and make the engine running smoothly. The ways of belt transmission can have a double overload protection function, the power that required by the driving system is low and greatly reduces the operating cost. This driving scheme is economical and practical, safe and reliable, with excellent performance.