Congress Constitution

What had been impossible seven years to bring PSOE and PP in a constitutional reform was examined yesterday in Congress by surprise and in ten minutes: that the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero on offer it was slow and Mariano Rajoy, leader of the PP, accept it. But modifying the first agreement of draught for playing the Constitution since 1978 already will not be to establish the equality of men and women in access to the Crown, reforming the Senate, appoint to the autonomous communities and mention the European Constitution, which was the proposal with which Zapatero came to power in 2004. It will be to put a permanent corset to public expenditure in Spain: the budgetary stability shall be fixed by constitutional mandate. The Vice President Elena Salgado clarified that the limit that will be imposed will be very close to zero from 2018-2020. Continue to learn more with: Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital. Source of the news:: quick reform of the Constitution: in one month and no referendum

Los Angeles Galaxy

He stressed the great goal from Cristiano Ronaldo. Kaka, the best of the first part. The homegrown gelled a good performance. Marked alley, Joselu, Ronaldo and Benzema to Madrid and Cristman by the Galaxy. Real Madrid was premiered in his first game of the preseason with a hefty victory 4-1 against Los Angeles Galaxy, a game that was more a less in terms of quality and that was a great goal from Cristiano Ronaldo. The domination was total by the white set. From the first moment, Marcelo and Fabio Coentrao became masters of the left band to give the relay minutes later Kaka, the best of the first part. The Brazilian showed nimble, fast and precise in their constant admitted, and gave a superb cross that alley repeated the first goal.

Canterano starred in notable actions. He had one of the clearer times ten minutes after a back-heel from Adan and an ajustadisimo barn, very loose and active pass in the center of the field. The Galaxy, much more traffic than the white set and in full season, He barely wore danger Real Madrid arc, led by a Kaka who insisted by left band and claimed a possible penalty kick at minute 18. Not even the faults of Beckham intimidated boxes, virtually unprecedented in the first half, although scant danger of Americans almost always came to ball stopped. The minutes progressed and with them the feeling that against Madrid had little rival, although whites ended not materialising opportunities.

Everything changed in 30 min with the goal from Alley, well-defined, who was born in Coentrao boots from the left band, authentic talon de Aquiles de el Galaxy. Nine minutes later, Adan, in personal effort, scoring the second so much once the ball bounced on David Beckham, that diverted the ball and were goalkeeper Saunders. The Galaxy reacted at the start of the second half with a more offensive game, but Cristiano Ronaldo, just as those of Bruce Arena began to believe in the possibility of trimming distances appeared in personal effort, to run the goal of the night with a powerful shot with the left-handed after several cuts.