LOS Sellers

As you know, the end result by sales, is due to the difference between the monthly/yearly sales volume (or the unit value of them) bad/regular sellers versus sales made by the good sellers. The difference may be tens of thousands of dollars, according to their category of sales and the business potential, point of sale, the zone or area of business entrusted to each seller but more worrying still, is smart, a salesman wanting friction loss of favor and the loyalty of its clients due to inept management or little social or without adequate training in human relations, which allow actions with their customers totally unrelated to the conflict. According to Director of Marketing., who has experience with these questions.

Indeed many troubles and expensive bad misunderstandings, are the product of social ineptitude or the poor development of the emotional intelligence of sellers by painful transmission a bad social treatment of those who direct them. This last also explains why it sales fall or refunds are given, because they decrease the rates of return of sellers or why are delayed Collections. THEIR customers do not buy or not buy as little as possible and/or avoid pay promptly to the company that hires a bad salesman and never do recommend well: so is as LOS clients complain of bad treatment! If in doubt and is afraid to apply of the selection NATURAL law which forces him to retain only the most suitable for your company and if it takes to get rid of its bad control of sales who are actually responsible for converting in bad its sellers, that takes in will cost you lot of money and it will be seen as a losing Manager morefor allowing that real terrorism internal to its present and its future, perhaps fearful of giving hard image does as it makes a good seller?