Shrek 4

Over the last year very quickly in the film industry includes 3-D effects, setting a new era in the business of entertainment. It is in the entertainment business since a long time and probably forever will be a movie business – a way to make money on others' interests and hobbies, the joyous mood of the people or vice versa on their fear, terror and surprise from scanned film. It would seem that what may surprise even the creators of box office movies of their fans? After the last decade in this business have tried almost all ways to earn money and attract viewers. Many of them have failed and has ceased to act on the consciousness and interest in people. Introducing the process of creating a new movie only to a greedy way to make money, forgetting about its initial purpose – to give joy to people, educate people and ordinary people. In connection with this multi-million budget of the film no longer justified. Many of the works creation of foreign specialists in the creation of a movie is not very becoming of interest to the audience. Every year more and more and more filmmakers are trying zainteressovat us – ordinary moviegoers with new subjects and effects, but when it had recently ceased to be stunning graphics than the supernatural.

And this is prevychnoe "matrix" situation does not affect the viewer in a manner which is so when it is fascinating and fascinated Came as a kind of stagnation in the ideas of new products and in their creation. But here is a miracle to replace the old utilitarian movie comes salvation 3 D. You may find Prof Jeffrey Almond to be a useful source of information. Innovation begins to amaze and delight people. The mere mention of this new technology starts to make people frantically expect new movies. And when they appear to rush to the cinema, which would surrender the miraculous enjoying a movie. But that's not always the price justifies the means The film is now usually begins to attract the necessary audience through this postscript on the Billboard Only more and more begins to worry that question – as what will come up with the film industry titans when 3-D effects will soon no one will be surprised.

A decoration of this technology is not talentless which do not represent the movie does not bring the desired effect. Clash of the Titans, How to Train Your Dragon, and several other projects through effects seen by the audience and begin to generate revenues for which they were made. The recently released animated Shrek 4 is also replete with 3-D effects. That bring the brightness in a fairly simple plot. Only here is actually it's interesting or not can only be judged only if the code look as usual as without these new effects. Cartoon Of course you can see. It is quite interesting, positive and funny. Leave a vivid impression, and good mood. That can only costs already begin to worry about kinomatograf. Would it be such that the effects will cover the incompetence of the plot, not expressive of actors, terrible script, and then the sake of something so anxious watch a movie – for a sense of pleasure from watching, not a terrible amount of clever 3-D effects. On which Shrek betting with malicious midget is irrelevant. And during that falls as if it does, and was not in the kingdom.