Marketing Department Becar Realty Group

According to the company Knight Frank, this year during the first half of the average cost of accommodation (ARR) was reduced. In January 2009, the cost of accommodation in hotels 5 star level was only 14% lower than in January last year, to June, the difference rose to 28%. In segments of the hotel 4-star and 3 star prices lag from last year's performance increased from 24% and 6% in January to 38% and 15% in June. Company experts say that perhaps it was due to more significant lower prices to hotels 4 star managed to provide relatively higher rates of completion. The greatest decline observed in the segment of luxury hotels within the upper price segment.

According to Marketing Department Becar Realty Group, to cut losses, some hotel operators are North of the capital close of room fund operating hotels (Grand Hotel Europe , Park Inn Pulkovskaya, Corinthia St. Petersburg). Reduction tourist flows makes hotel operators to revise tariffs, to develop a system of discounts and bonuses. Yegor Sil'chenko, managing a mini-hotel Park Lane Inn believes that victims can and mini-hotels, as possible adjustment of tariffs they are insignificant. "In a more advantageous position were combined in a network of mini-hotels, which can adapt tariffs and services offered," – says Yegor Sil'chenko. In 2009, according to Experts Becar Realty Group, for the first time in recent years has been an increase in the cost of staying in hotels. But it is not only due to the global crisis and downturn in tourism, but also significantly increased in the last year sentence quality room stock and increase the representation of the known network operators. In general, according to analysts, the reduction of tariffs for the year will amount to 5-20% depending on the hotel category.