Marketing Department

While I’m running every day Kilometres, to all people from the corner to get the screwdriver that is furthest away from me. I have countless Allen wrench in my huge suitcase. That’s the idea, to have the right tool at hand for each hand grip.” An amazing statement. Already when the Marketing Department believed that the model S also only for the budget would be good. So, wear, fill, empty and to try the three testers through the different models. Our two meters – country Machine fitter tested then the rough. We look the case filled the cabin of our case dropping 1056 XL. I’m glad if you will be paid to destroy something.” All Toolbox show distinct mark on the case from two meters height, but persevere. Jeremy Tucker takes a slightly different approach.

The professional model L the left small Division of part of breaking away and there sorted screws and washers are distributed among the case. Our exhibition stand Builder has the smallest our suitcase – size S, delivery, already decided. I had already infinite Toolbox. Heavy, bulky, where one drags around everything with it and needs only five percent of the content. I’ve decided.

I work with five small and well. A-Falltest-I don’t need. I work at ground level.” More persuasion fails. Amazing turnaround in our test. How the Toolbox with its dimensions were designed, you sometimes are not used. The model size S was designed as a garden and housewife case. For household tools and gardening or fishing case these are manufactured. The cases with the size M had the similar intended purpose, only just slightly larger. The centrally seated clip fastener for size S and M allow a fast loading of small tools. The left and right sitting clip plugs for sizes L and XXL, and the internal removable inserts give an idea of a versatility in service employees. In particular the extra removable small part of pockets in the lid also convinced the State Machine fitter. This is handy. Small enough for the breast pocket in my pants and big enough to have all my washers on the man. It is annoying, when a mother is missing two metres above sea level. Winner: The professional model L with its dimensions of 51 x 25.5 x 25 cm and its 2 clip closures secure the inside of the cover subjects of small part, this section well when the janitor and the country machinist with the note. “The rating of the stand with his opinion me anyway, I’ve decided.” was not taken into account. All three testers at the material agreed. Light, stable and secure the shock (see our Advisor polyurethane). Our explanation about the differences in the plastic polyurethane and polypropylene. We think the three craftsmen is not clear until today. But the result counts. We thank our three craftsmen for their test and look forward to the upcoming campaign in the company.


Artificial Turf

The artificial turf commonly is used in sport zones or of much pedestrian activity due to its resistance superior with respect to the natural one. Nevertheless, in the homes also its domestic utility for patios and gardens is verified, due to details that frequently are ignored, but which soon their consequences are pleased. On the one hand, it is necessary to remember the economic saving that supposes long term east type of turf, since it does not require maintenance nor irrigation almost. But everything is not economic comfort, but there are other factors that speak to their favor. To the children it enchants to them to play in the patio, to run, to roll, to make pirouettes, to play the ball and other activities that wear away the natural spaces noticeably. Nevertheless, the artificial turf will not lie down to lose for this reason, and the person who decides to invest in this type of turf will not have to worry because it is possible to be spoiled, and their children will be able to amuse themselves without needing being pending of them. The people who do not have mascots either will have to worry about the holes that these could to dig in the ground, since in the surfaces covered with artificial turf it is impossible that this happens.

And in case the mascots made their needs exceeds he, it will be enough with raising them and rinsing, since burning fire does not spoil nor. In the majority of the homes where there is swimming pool is very little frequent to see green around the same, because the chlorine spoils and kills the natural turf. Nevertheless, the artificial turf will not be affected absolutely by this substance, reason why it will not lose tonality nor rigidity. In addition, the material with which is realised the artificial turf is anti fires, since in contact with the flames this it goes out, consequently the security against the fire will be guaranteed. The advantages to place it instead of to decide on the natural turf are innumerable, but the exposed ones are enough to become an idea exceeds what is most advisable for the daily activities that are realised in the home. Why to buy artificial turf Articles


The Equipment

Still, if you are sure that Grandma would enjoy bestowed cream with pleasure – easily buy. By the way, another good gift can serve as a perfume or toilet water. How to choose? People get used to everything, and for good – even faster. Favourite smell of spirits do not change over the years. Therefore, when choosing a perfume, guided by the basic notes of your favorite perfume Your grandmother. Do not try to buy any new product, just because she likes you. “Well, a few are suitable odor, what to choose now?” – You ask.

Take one bottle, whose design is more like my grandmother. What can I give out clothes? Probably something warm and cozy. A warm coat is whether or fluffy slippers – not so important. The main thing – that they bring a sense of comfort. In addition, you can pick up a shawl or stole. But choosing not think only about the heat! Thing must be still and beautiful. How nice it would be my grandmother to go to the theater, put on the shoulders charming tippet! And it will be doubly pleased if he gave you. Try to pick accessory that fits exactly to one of the dresses.

And better to have it apply to many. And remember: when you give a loved one, the taste is not deceiving. Go ahead! You can make a gift for an apartment. Surely, grandma does not interfere comfortable rocking chair. Immediately submitted a picture from a children’s book: a warm fireplace, a grandmother in a chair next to a ball curled cat so cute! If you decide to make such a gift, please provide a room that will stand chair style in which it is sustained, the color gamut. Thing must integrate harmoniously with the interior of the apartment. And even if you have the opportunity, help to repair my grandmother room or kitchen. She recently lived in the same environment, and certainly, she wants to change anything. In general, any change – for the better. They lift the mood, feel better, give a charge of vivacity. But all this is very necessary Grandma! Another recipe for a change of scenery Your gift may be in the form of vouchers in a boarding house. Of course, we can assume that the grandmother and so resting at home, but if it does go somewhere, albeit not very far away, it will be able to relax, to refresh. Where to buy vouchers, decide for yourself based on how feels grandmother how old she is, well, from their economic opportunities, in the end! Make sure that the grandmother was easier to cope with household chores. Now many household appliances, which can help the hostess! Get at least a washing machine: works and no water is wasted is not so much. Contrary to the views of grandparents on the number of wasted powder, with a machine Still to farm economically and simply. Also, useful gift can become a modern vacuum cleaner. In the absence of a gas stove to help save the kettle. The main thing that all the equipment you’re going to Gift ideas, was simple to operate, so buttons were in the native language, and context menus – intuitive and easy to use. Then my grandmother would be pleased to enjoy the gift you have appliances. And of course, to visit her as often as possible. Grandma so need your attention. And it is – the best gift of them that she wants!


Utensils Made Of Crystal And Glass

Store utensils in our time is not something rare. Range of dishes is very wide. Choose the right for yourself is not difficult. However, not everyone knows how to look for buying and bring it into order. Glass and crystal ware requires specific care.

Wash it need not aligned with washing other cutlery, you will need to comply with these instructions: 1. Should be cleaned first with salt, then with soap and water, and, finally, rinse with water. 2. Rinse the salted or acidulated with vinegar water, then rinse. After a drop of water stekut the dishes, it should be wiped with a towel.

To do this, well suited linen towel. Glassware may explode if it pour hot water, jam or marmalade. To prevent this, you need to put it under the stand of trees, or the same tissue. On the metal stand or on the cement – burst necessarily. Do not need insert glass beakers into one another, especially from the thin glass jars, and they are likely to remain stagnant. If glasses are stuck in one another, then maybe they get, if you add in a glass on top of the cold water, and glass, located below, put in a bowl of warm water, slowly adding to it hot. In accordance with the laws of physics, the glass on the top, slightly reduced, and the bottom expands – will they disconnection. Buy the dishes in our time can be through the Internet. And the time it would take quite a bit. In the global network, you can purchase cookware from the crystal. So, you can buy crystal glasses that are decorated with gold. You may not have information on how to maintain the utensils in good condition. You can help our instructions. It is recommended to wash by hand only. In the low temperature water is placed a little detergent then washed, and using towels in soft tissue is well rubbed. If you want your table dazzling crystal your friends its radiance, do not forget the rules by which to care for them. Rag moistened with alcohol to wipe her product, then wipe with a linen napkin. When washing and rinsing products added to the water blue. Well, wipe, while applying the napkin linen. In the suds, in which you 'll wash the product, add a small percentage of borax. To wash the crystal is unacceptable to use baking soda. Glass with gold or colored murals were washed with water at room temperature without the use of soap, rub linen napkin carefully. Sales of cookware and sale of personal care it is often done in one store.


Do It Yourself

Mind in the house – not a luxury when the security, improve comfort and cost housing is becoming more relevant to the middle class, including Russia. Such elements are the "smart home" as a system against unauthorized intrusion, fire, water leakage and Gas starting to be seen not as an element of luxury, but as a necessity. And, despite the fact that most potential customers a priori assured of excessive dearness of such systems, such functionality now possible to realize in the usual city apartment or country house at an affordable price. Moreover, according to experts, in practice, used only 30-50% of the features the classic "smart home". At the same time, about three years ago there were devices and control systems, life support, based on the use of wireless technologies, and therefore do not require high installation costs. This led to further development the concept of "smart home" in the direction of reducing the cost and increase integration opportunities. The result is a whole class of solutions targeted at people with average incomes. Completely constructed on the basis wireless technologies, such decisions are implemented only the most requested features. Minimal set may consist of one or two sensors, the controller (central unit), GSM- or phone dialer (For sending messages), keyboard (for programming the system) and stick (to arm). Such kits can be connected modules that provide additional capabilities. Such a simplified system includes a minimum of scenarios, and a number of possibilities – for example, cleaner facilities and centralized management function of the life support systems over the Internet – non-existent. However, this option allows sell up to 80% of the most frequently used functions. The main emphasis is placed on security features. It would Do It Yourself – the ideal solution for the Russian middle-income: not expensive, and You can install yourself, and assembles the pick up in person "by themselves." But until such systems in our country are especially in demand, this segment is still emerging. Most of the solutions offered today Russian market, implementing the concept of "smart home" is a classic, expensive option. But, as always, was not without pitfalls. Unfortunately, many portals do not offer ready-made kits, and systems of different manufacturers are often incompatible with each other, at least, without lining of the cables. And, then, before making the order, either to study in detail the system, or refer to specialists. Pragmatism vs. prestige of course, the classic implementation of the "smart home" has much more functionality than the simplified system, but they have different accents. In the first case the decisive role played by fashion factor, and hence the maximum possible set of features, along with video, audio and lighting effects, multi-room, climate control, integrated into a unified design solution, the second at the forefront are the most necessary and practical functionality. Elite versions of 'smart house' designed and installed by specialized companies that operate in the market comfort and safety of relatively long time. Being introduced by them systems are often "self-learning", they are able to independently adjust the various processes in the intelligent building, and increase the comfort is largely achieved through the integration of all systems into a unified whole. Cheap as analogues designed to meet the basic needs of the consumer, are focused on ease of installation, the possibility of a gradual expansion, which allows "smart home" to go to the masses at a time when demand for comfortable and secure housing are growing.