Finances Of Hospitals

One has equipped to multidiscipline aims at an interactive work between all the professionals whom they deal with the internal customer (doctors, nurses, assistant and occupational technician of nursing and laboratory, musician therapeutic, physiotherapists, psychologists, pedagogos, psicopedagogos, fonoaudilogos, therapists, social nutritionists, assistants, librarian and staff of cleanness and hygienic cleaning), where has the exchange to know specific of form to develop an action of quality, that results in an attendance that makes jus to the condition of the customer and the professional while citizens. Many situations of patients exist in which the high complexity of the surgical procedures or others to be carried through, demands that the intervention either carried through in hospital environment integrated by team to multidiscipline. The hospitals more bet each day for the high complexity of its services searching competitive financial and distinguishing solidity economic, however remain in constant changes in search of the excellent management, that if become each time more necessary. To have responsible and rational a management of resources, without the comprometimento of the quality of the given services is today the great challenge of the hospitals, and in this context the insertion of the medical professional in the business is of extreme importance. The ideal Hospital must have total covering for Hospital Medical attendance, since the simple consultations until the surgeries of bigger complexity. Clinic 24-hour Mdico and Planto in all the specialties; Projected Surgical center and U.T.I for accomplishment and assistance of any procedure of High Complexity; Apartments with telephone and frigobar; Service of Neonatologia; Service of Buco-maxilo and a complex to offer to the customers total covering in Disgnostic methods..


The Work

It is clearly that these tools not only exist to facilitate the work of the professional, but yes to bring quality to the service? translated in improvement of the attendance to the customer with more humanizao. However, many times these benefits very cost to be recognized as beneficial for all. unhappyly, in some institutions these benefits really are used to advantage so only by the external customers (the patients) and not for the internal clientele (employee of the institution), and this also influences in the attendance. In any place that occurs changes exist conflicts, however to leave the comfort zone and to work with conflicts bring the growth, therefore of this form we can work on of the committed errors, searching the improvement of the quality of the attendance. Thus these tools, theoretically, bring deep changes, in the form to think and to act in structure of the health services, therefore the work with quality in this area cousin for the individualizado attendance and with humanizao not only stops with the customer as well as for the team of workers, being that the learning and improvement are constant.

For this reason the impact at a first moment seems to be sufficiently negative, and also in elapsing of many processes, for innumerable factors? implantation of new assistenciais protocols for example, increases the number of documents (pops, routines, books, registers, pointers, fiches, scales, etc.), however at some moments facilitates the process all, with clear indication of the activities, norms and routines, although to seem that the teams have more work to make, this work is most organized and structuralized, bringing future and perhaps not immediate improvements. for this reason perhaps that a delayed process becomes so, therefore to modify the way to act of the people through the education and of the imposition does not take time. At last, if these tools will be well used, of correct form, with continued education, estruturao and discernment in accordance with the Brazilian reality (legislaes, culture, economy, etc.) becoming a change in the structure of thinking it to act in the work this if translates beneficial results for the company and its customers, however if used in errnea way cause many upheavals and loss of time.