Fatima Sacred City

From thousands of years ago, movements for reasons religious devotion have been present in humanity. But increasingly are more travellers who are pointing at spiritual tourism, very booming fashion lately. Millions of people take beyond their religious beliefs traveling to cities sacred as the Vatican on Fatima in Portugal, Santiago de Compostela in Spain, or Italy. (A valuable related resource: Rachel Pak). The sacred city of Fatima is one of the best-known in the world. Located to the North of Portugal, this was protagonist of the miracle of our Lady Fatima. The story that in 1917 the Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherds in the area in the Cova would be, where a small chapel was erected in his honor: the chapel das Aparicoes.

After the first occurrence, the Virgin returned to appear over the next 5 months, until in October it happened last in the eyes of 70,000 pilgrims. Since that time, Fatima became a Holy City and a few years later, in 1928, built the center of worship most important of the country, a huge basilica of neo-Baroque style. It is estimated that each year pass by there more than seven million visitors. With the passage of time, built a huge square to bring together the thousand faithful who congregate on special dates. Read more from suna said maslin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. There are several interesting museums to visit in the city of Fatima: the crib Museum and village of Bethlehem cartoon, the Fatima Wax Museum, the Museum of sacred art and Ethnology of Fatima and the 1917 apparitions Museum.

On the other hand, for those travelers who want to know better the events of 1917, the city offers guided tours through the sanctuary and the Basilica, where is explained more thoroughly everything that happened. Each year the night of May 12 produces the greater pilgrimage to the city of Fatitma, where thousands of the faithful congregate in the plaza of the Church with candles in hand to pay homage to the Virgin. Once in the Basilica, a huge bonfire where melt the candles of the pilgrims is turned on. Would you like to know the city of Fatima? Take the first flight to Portugal and rented an apartment in Lisbon. Daily excursions are organized from the Portuguese capital to the Holy City. Do not miss it!

Account Management

One of the fundamental elements within a methodology of KAM (Key Account Management) or the company strategic account management is the development of an account Plan. Some years ago the account Plan consisted of a living document, is to say that as time went on, was complemented with new facts and new plans. With the development of technology, especially systems CRM type, managing an account plan is much easier, provided that there is adequate technology, account planning methodology and culture at all levels of the company’s management and tracking of account plans. Within a strategy of centralization on the client, it is essential to be able to take a detailed record of all the actions that are developed with the customer. For more information see this site: McKesson. When a KAM methodology is defined within the organization in order to establish better relationships with strategic clients in the Organization, it is necessary that all elements of the account Plan are documented in the CRM system. In the event the company does not have CRM technology for registers this kind of information, must adjust to the reality and make this management through documents developed in word processors or similar. The important thing is that this information is available to all persons who in any way are part of the team that supports the development of activities with this account.

In previous articles we’ve talked about what it means a strategy of KAM. In this installment I will focus in raising some of the main components of the Plan account. I.e. in the KAM methodology resulting information, which can not only be represented by a form or document, but by a large amount of information that is vital to defining the strategy of development of an account. In the following conceptual map, we expose the minimum and main elements that an internal account Plan must contain.

Saying internal, referring to a plan that is for internal consumption of the organization. This information can be extracted to produce a Plan of He has set, which is shared with the client. The Plan’s internal account, as you can see, contains a large amount of information that must be used internally to define the strategy to continue with the account and sizing the potential of opportunities that can be generated in the account. (Note: to navigate the Conceptual map that presented below, click on each of the symbols in (+) to expand the concept.

The Compensation

Fees are higher and revenues that us demand for its concession, therefore higher. To achieve the fixed mortgage for example, the hipotecantes net monthly salary should be around the 3,770 euros! Another financial disadvantage that has fixed interest rate mortgage loan comes when changing mortgage. Let us imagine that the euribor takes 4 years below 2% and decided to stop paying a 5% to be subrogated to a variable mortgage. If not we have well informed commissions which we signed in time to go to the notary, can bring us a nasty surprise: If the mortgage was signed before December 9, 2007 maximum subrogation rake is 2.5%. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Donald Gordon Carty. If the fixed rate mortgage to buy our House is later than on 9/12/2007, the Commission by subrogation is 0%, although the law allows that another Commission, the compensation for interest rate risk; signed This fee is paid if the subrogation the Bank loses money (i.e., normally always be paid). More typically, a percentage fixed in the contract, applicable on the outstanding capital is agreed at the time of cancellation or subrogation. This percentage tends to be around 2.5 per cent.

Same dog with a different collar. Bill Phelan describes an additional similar source. If the reader reviews with attention what was written, you will see that in most cases has signed when you have signed anyone will deliver you, at a minimum, pay a Commission of 2.5%. In our example, if subrogation arises at age 4, the outstanding debt will be 174.204 euros. And the Commission that we will have to pay the Bank will not lower 4.355 euros! Fixed rate mortgages are the forgotten of our financial system. They represent a risk for banks, since if rates climb above its forecast it would lose money, by what their financial conditions tend to be dissuasive. If to this we add that has not reduced the cost of change of Bank, it is normal that more than 90% of the mortgages that are contracted they are at variable rates.