A Tour Of St. Petersburg Russia. Days 2 And 3

We recommend to start the second day of his visit to Petersburgo with an excursion to Zaiachiy (Hare) island of Gorkovskaya metro station.There is where the city was founded.One of the attractions to visit here is the fortress of Peter and Paul, with several buildings located within its walls.At noon the air is filled with the bellow of a barrel this is one of the oldest traditions of the city.Thanks to her during the times of the Russian tsars people can learn that it was noon.If you are interested in the history of Russia, who are also encouraged to visit the Cathedral of Peter and Paul in which all the Russian emperors Pedro I Nicolas II are buried.Also the monument to Pedro I and enjoy the view of the Nevsky Avenue scene. Then you can go by Kronverkskaya fill to reach the Museum of the Marina.De somehow more a stella there is granite that indicates the place where the participants of the rebellion of the Decembrists were executed (1826). Fill takes back to the Alexandrovsky Park, with plenty of restaurants and cafes located in the same, which is very convenient when you are tired and want to take an aperitif. The next step would be to go in the direction of the Troitsky bridge (you will see a mosque in the distance).Turn to Embankment Petrovskaya and arrives at another attraction a modest house built especially to Peter the great (the cabin of Peter the great), the first House in Petersburgo.The famous Cruiser Aurora, symbol of the October revolution, is a little further away.The Aurora Cruiser Museum operates from 10.30 to 16.00 (closed Mondays and Fridays). The cabin of Peter the great works: Sunday Wednesday: 10.00 18.00 Monday: 10.00 to 17.00 Tuesday: closed the day 3 visit the central city of Nevsky Prospect Street, and the Ruso.Un Museum stroll through the perspective of the Navy of Fontanka River you will not more than half an hour.However, If on its way to the river you can visit all the area attractions, full day will be devoted to this.We will not describe these cue points: each of them deserves an article separate.List of places of interest include: the Church of el Salvador on the blood, the Kazan Cathedral, the casa del libro (excellent for tour guides and maps), Gostiny Dvor shopping mall, the Anichkov bridge and many others.

Those who need a guided tour can join one of those who are in the cabin next to Gostiny Dvor. When you get tired, you can sit at one of the banks in the small square of Ostrovsky, observe the monument to Catherine the great, and feed the pigeons.The dominant architectural square is Alexandrinsky theatre. Nevsky Avenue is also the place where one can easily find a place to dine in there are a lot of cafes and restaurants here. The Russian State Museum is another educational point not to be missed.Is located not far from the Church of the Savior on the blood and there is a monument to the famous Russian poet Pushkin, standing in front of him.To be continued Welcome to Travelling2peru.com (Leaders in Peruvian tourism, Machu Picchu and Cusco Tours) International posts, dedicated to all travelers who wish to travel around the world. For more information Visit Travel Peru