Canoe Adventure

Specialists in the combination of activities in places where you can see nature as also the culture of Costa Rica.Canoa adventure is a naturalist, has activities in which the flora and fauna of our country can be observed, either from the waters of our rivers and lakes, to our tropical forest trails. Some of our activities are: Safari by canoe, this tour allows you to enjoy moments incredibly. We got in a canoe double or simple on the Green and crystal clear waters of the Penas Blancas River or rio Arenal where we’ll reflect blue butterflies marpho colors and will be surrounded by green of beautiful rainforest, where you will find a great variety of wildlife such as monkeys, lazy, iguanas and a fabulous variety of birds than with its many colors and songs offer us a set of sounds that will allow us to relax and we can enjoy the peace that gives us a true ecological paradise. Cano black full day Canoe Adventure, this trip is an adventure in canoe only for those who like us and appreciate nature. Spend a day surrounded by pure flora and fauna where we can see the animals a few meters of distance since we will explore the refuge by canoe and row our canoes down the river by rainy forest with large trees and very rich in animal life. This tour is ideal if you only have a day and wants to combine canoe and flora and fauna. Other activities: Safari float by Kayak volcano Arenal Tour: walk in the silent Morning Volcano & Rainforest walk Cerro Chato Hike Rio Celeste Hike Lake Arenal by Canoe original author and source of the article.

Dejame Llorar With You

if your eyes cry by a pain that to your soul it imprisons, I leave I take that pain, that as much pain causes to you, leaves I I absorb your pain that in my interior is lost by always, leaves your chains in my shoulders, that I by you will take, them far so that they cannot never return, allows soul to absorb your pain and darte in return the freedom and a slight soul but so that you can fly, leaves in my arms surrounds to you while your soul you relieve dropping of your small eyes Rep them, will swallow your pain to me, will take your pains to me, will take the life to me if of your anguish I cannot alejarte, djame to cry with you, and cries here, in my arms, aferrate skin, while tear your anguish, Contained in my book " Of my expression particular" Original author and source of the article.