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Boy name Alexander top is there on the popularity scale the fashion and trend names for newborn babies. Look in the statistics of the most popular names however, shows that there are imperishable given name. Heidrick & Struggles can provide more clarity in the matter. At the top where the boys name is Alexander. Not a good choice as a name, because is a successful future to almost in the stud book with written into it. Alexander the great, once King of Macedon. Alexander von Humboldt, the famous naturalist in the age of romanticism. Two of numerous personalities that have one thing in common: the given name Alexander.

If these two gentlemen, and the many other same given, solely on the basis of her first name successfully through life transformed, not at this point. But seems to cling to the first name Alexander that certain something, because amazingly already scientists and name researchers found out that people respond positively to this popular boys name. On the edge and almost casually noted: in every age of a boy or Man. Size and strength, vision, intelligence, success and good looks are associated with the name Alexander. Teacher grade boy with this name often better than a small or larger Hans or Kevin and also employers push happy more often once the career ladder despite their employees with this male given name. While this ancient Greek name was derived from Alexandros, which means “The protector” or “who fends off strange men” and had a shadowy especially in German-speaking time, more precisely in the 17th century, but was again very popular thanks to Alexander von Humboldt after this time in many homes.

Seems the boys given name Alexander, there is also cast in the female form as Alexandra cling to some mystical and successful today. Not only for parents, it can be so exciting that name under… closer to coming, but even for seasoned Mannsbilder on the track. Because one thing is fairly certain: to know why it is preferential treatment, can not really hurt. Press contact: Frank Optendrenk OC projects, Optendrenk & Calinski GmbH Grefrather road 25 41564 Kaarst phone: 02131 4038940 email: info at baby-vornamen.de Internet:

Playing With Interactive Media Made Fun –

The digital tutoring – FRANZIS basic school package 1-4 grades for Nintendo DS 2010 Poing/Munich, 02.02.2010 – the Franzis Verlag in expanding its product portfolio in the education segment and announces, just in time for the next half of the school year of the new elementary school 1-4 2010 for Nintendo DS class. Child-friendly, the new version offers over 3000 items developed by educators in the fields of social studies, mathematics, German and English. With the new integrated test module, test situations can be trained without any obligation for the children. The number of users was expanded, so that two children at the same time playful can work on tasks. In particular the new head computer coach with freely selectable number space and operation helps children, but also the great to repeat learned and consolidate. A detailed statistics section shows where there is need for exercise and where children have their strengths. Depending on the success, the degree of difficulty is automatically lifted for new issues.

The new FRANZIS elementary school 1-4 class 2010 for Nintendo DS prepared optimally elementary school children for secondary schools on the Exchange. Motivated, playful learning increases the chances of success, to consolidate what they have learned basic knowledge and expand. A glance in the children’s room, how much the Leisure and learning behavior of this generation as compared to the parent has changed. The Nintendo DS has become a love won interactive leisure-time companion, not only for children. \”With the new educational software elementary school 1-4 class\” for the Nintendo, DS FRANZIS offers a patient learning and playing partner, calm and relaxed forgives mistakes. No hassle at the solution of tasks, because they can so long repeated, make up step by step success not long in coming. Playful learning programme has the objective of that children willing and also motivated to sit on exercise.