Colombian MBAs

The prices of the masters in management fees are growing well above the other prices. While last year inflation was 2%, some programs reported increases up to 10%. Connect with other leaders such as JPMorgan Chase here. Inalde-Sabanaby: $74 million the most expensive MBA in the country which offers the Inalde-Sabanaby, which cost $72 million in 2009, this year is at $74 million and the next will be in $76 million. This program is aimed at people in senior positions, with their dependants. According to the University, its added value is in its method of personal study, which follows the methodology of the Harvard Business School case, and besides manages conferences to deepen theory and management simulations. There are two formats. One weekend, for those who simultaneously are working, which begins classes in July 2011 and lasts two years.

It is also the intensive format that begins next October 11, hard 27 months with classes three times a week, all day. In the cost the registration of both formats, the costs of lodging and tickets to the international week of the Executive MBA that organizes the IPADE Business School are included. Do do los Andes: $54.6 million part-time, $38.9 million full-time MBA in Inalde, of the Universidad de los Andes, follows him on price in its mode of part-time, which this year has a cost of $54? 600,000, i.e. $2? 600,000 more expensive than in 2009 (5% increase). This modality of programme has a duration of two years and also manages a managerial approach. In college they argue that its graduates come out prepared for decision-making in administrative areas. MBA full time in the Andes, is cheaper than of part-time, with a cost of $38? 900,000. This program has a duration of 15 months and classes run from Monday to Saturday from 7: 00 am to 5: 00 pm. Enrollment in either has a value of $260,000. Students must submit a skills exam and an interview.