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In the way of our life we are blessed because we, permanently, the opportunity presents itself to love. We are looking for or know a person, recognize it as akin to our way of being, our preferences and goals, and undertake that emotional connection looking for vital complement, the other half. But, what happens when someone falls in love from me, but I can not reciprocate? I have had the opportunity to see the diversity of solutions that human beings adopt when faced with a love that may not correspond. Not is if you are one of those who similarly correspond love although they feel nothing for the other person, or if you are that he flees and seeks to avoid the encounter with your suitor anyway. Whatever the way you solve / address this situation, I want to remind you who loves you far away is of being a burden for you. When you encounter a situation like that you put, do not lie to the other person. Search the time and the right words to tell her the truth. Love is a precious gift that God has given us, and who loves does not deserve contempt.

Remember that the person who declares love is passing through a very special moment, where, you have or no reasons, generates expectations towards the loved one. Who loves you not deserves rejection, but admiration. Seeks to make clear that you no correspondes his pretensions, but let her know that you feel like a special person because of the beauty of their feelings. That way you will avoid suffering, avoid making suffer, and leave the door open so that subsequently that person can channel the feeling toward someone that really applies to you. Until the next. Carlos Cabrera together we grow. Together is better.

Failures Analysis

When the vibrating screen is in the normal working status, if the rotation is slow and the bearing has a high temperature, which show that the work of usual maintenance needs improving and the lubricants are needed. Routine maintenance is also very important. If the lubricant on the bearing is newly added, the problem maybe lies in the poor quality of the lubricants or adding too much on the bearing lubricants. The lubricant with poor quality will block the bearing and labyrinth seal. Therefore, the quality of lubricants is critical. The reasons for the poor screening quality may be the improper use or the blocking of the mesh. The increase of the fine-coarse-grained materials and moisture will result in that the material layer is too thick and the feeding is uneven.

As for the vibrating screen itself, the both sides of the sieve is not tight. If there is much noise in the screening process, the reasons maybe include that the bearing is damaged, the bolts loose, the breaks and the spring is damaged crossbeam. In addition to the bolt that can be tightened, the parts should be replaced in other three conditions. In view of the above failures, we can reduce the failure rate through routine maintenance. Before the starting up of the machine, checking the oil level of both sides. If the oil level is too high, which will lead to problems or the temperature of exciter rise operation; If the oil level is too low, which will cause the bearings to be prematurely damaged. Checking all bolts to ensure that all of them are tightened and after working for eight hours, re-tighten them.

Checking the tension of the V-belt to prevent slip at the start or work. Making sure the minimum clearance between all moving parts and fixtures. The feeding can not be conducted until the sieve is running smoothly to make sure the sieve works without load and before stopping the machine, it is necessary to clean the materials on the sieve surface. In short, summarizing the failures of mine vibrating screen is to prevent and reduce the occurrence of the failure. If the failure emerged, we can timely settle them to minimize the impact on production. Rock crusher cone: ball mill: