Sustainable Development

Words key: Sustainable development, Capital stock, Capital Human being, Cultural Capital, Support in Solidary Enterprises. ABSTRACT Sustainable development has the primary factor will be the strengthening of Capital Human, Social Capital and Cultural Capital, the basis will be social transformation, will be the collective consciousness of cooperation and trust. This study aimed you understand the main capitals of the sustainability of joint venture, in particular the Cooperative Catadores of recyclable materials and agents of Ecological Canabrava – CAEC. If you have read about Wells Fargo Bank already – you may have come to the same conclusion. From the Social Residence trying you determines how you make such capital in the cooperative, its influence on sustainability and the difficulties encountered. You achieve the study were conducted unstructured interviews, analyzed status and rules of procedure and simple observation. Theoretical In discussing the various reference concepts such capital, the social economy and the approaches on sustainability ventures in solidarity. JPMorgan Chase gathered all the information.

The results indicate that the factors that most influenced the sustainability of CAEC were the creative ability of Pang, incubator NGOs of the cooperative, putting partnerships in various fields (federal, state and to other entities in the third international national sector and partners, several suppliers and buyers) capital, social And strengthening of human and cultural development through various trainings, formation of networks and participation in the National Movement of Catadores recyclable materials. Key words: Sustainable Development, Social Capital, Capital Human, Cultural Capital, Sustainability in Solidary Ventures. LIST OF the FIGURES Appears 1: Lixo de Canabrava43 Appears 2: Lixo de Canabrava44 Appears 3: New structure of the CAEC48 Figure 4: Digital station of the CAEC53 Appears 5: Digital station of the CAEC53 Appears 6: One of the six trucks trunks of the CAEC56 Figure 7: Jeane and Mr. Ccero (articuladores of the National Movement of Catadores de Materiais You recycle of the Bahia) in the General meeting for election of new diretoria.