The article of today is the first one of a series on the success. In this series, we go to speak of some points of view. The subject success is ample and with some details that make all the difference. The great rocks we deviate. In the small ones he is that we stumble. Therefore, attention to all ' ' detalhes' '. These concepts are ' ' receitas' ' comings of the learning with other people, other mentors and personal experience. The prescriptions for the success vary.

They are concepts that we need to keep in mind to reach what we desire. The important one is to study the subject and, to the few, to implement those tips that more make sensible for us. Thus being, they follow first ' ' detalhes' ' so that let us be intent. It practises and it trains these abilities. 1 Congruence We need to be congruentes. We are congruentes when what we think, we speak and we make is lined up. This if summarizes to live our values in accordance with.

Our values are the feelings that govern our decisions. When you are happy, you are because you it is lined up with its values. When you are unhappy, you are because you are disaligned with its values. Simple thus. let us agree, its concept of success involves happiness, certain? Therefore, foque in BEING happy and to live for its values. 2 Has Goals Who does not know for where it goes, none does not arrive the place. One of the worse feelings that we can have is the uncertainty. Who does not have goals, lives in the uncertainty. It catches a paper and a penxs or its computer and defines its goals. What you want for you, in all the areas of its life? It makes goals for the financial area, career, intellectual development, relationships, emotional, health etc.