Stella Brody

Therefore, the "inflated" someone we are not economically beneficial ", – explained Stella Brody, an independent financial adviser AAAfinance from" aaa Group. Of course, by this principle is by no means all financial agents – for the Russian market is a relatively new scheme, most agents charge for their work from the customer a certain percentage. But it's probably a matter of time, so as overseas experience shows that this type of service should be free for customers. Independent financial adviser – the key to successful future, given the fact that the Russian market financial advisory is still in its infancy, universal consultants specializing in all types of products in our country today than unity. The bulk of mediation provides brokerage and agency companies offering financial planning services to wealthy clients. But in the future, experts predict an appearance on the market an increasing number of personal financial advisors. Some people mistakenly believe that financial advisor can consult the currency in which more profitable to keep their money, but the answer to this question is better to learn from currency speculators. Consultant – a man who helps clients find the best financial products in accordance with their wishes and possibilities. "We have all the financial products that exist on the market: credit, insurance, investment, pension. We are working on a one-stop, our Customers are turning to consultants for all the products that they are currently interested. Our goal – a secure balanced family budget "- says Stella Brody. The client is possible as take advice on only one interesting for its product, and to plan and create a personal financial consultant to the project.