State Ideas

Mind maps help you organize the information. Due to the large number of associations involved, mind maps can be very creative, tending to generate new ideas and associations that it hadn’t thought before. Check out Greek finance Minister for additional information. Each element in a map is, indeed, a center of another map. Scopes the mental map takes into account the way as the brain collects, processes and stores information. Its structure records a visual image that makes it easy to extract information, write it down and memorize the details with ease. You must be accustomed to use schemas (words United with arrows). Accustomed to imagine situations where apply the concepts they learn.

The effort to deliberate in this sense will be rewarding for more reliable memories (those that help to) the time of a review, or a question compromised). The creative potential of a Mental map is useful in a brainstorming session. You only have to start with the basic problem in the Center, and generate partnerships and ideas from it to get a great number of possible solutions. By means of presenting their thoughts and perceptions in a spatial and form through to add colors and images, earn better vision and new connections can be viewed. Mind maps are a way to represent the ideas related to symbols rather than with complicated words as in organic chemistry. The mind forms associations almost instantly, and represent them through a map allows you to write their ideas more quickly that using words or phrases. In everyday life we could apply it a: in planning the personal, professional, agenda of classes, lectures, workshops, distribution of activities, on research, to take notes, summarise information, prepare material, solve problems.

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