Skin Care

It knows and it takes care of your skin Before applying any treatment to our skin we must know what type of skin we have and how we can take care of it. Although shades exist, can be said of generic form that three types of skins exist: fat, dry and normal or mixed. Some specialists add a fourth type, that is the sensible skin, but this type of skin can be given in anyone of the three previous cases and more than a separate category it is a characteristic associated to the same. How I can know the type of skin that I have? In the first place you must know that the concept that is applied to classify the type of skin is the fat that this one generates. Knowing this it much more turns out simple to clarify the type of skin we have, what problems are more prone to suffer and how they are due to try. Greasy skin to distinguish a greasy skin we must observe several signals in front of the mirror: usually they emphasize the brightness, they are pore skins expanded and shining in excess, commonly reject the maquillaje, that usually is run due to the action of the fat, since this one form one film where the cosmetic products pay attention with greater difficulty. How to take care of a greasy skin? They are skins with a greater suffering from acne tendency in which frequently black points are developed, agrees to deal them with a product astringent, like the aloe gel, protects that them it nourishes and them at the same time as it reduces the excess of fat. It is not necessary to stop hydrating them to maintain them young and smooth, for it is necessary to use free a hidratante or hidronutritiva cream of fat. Learn more at: Everest Capital. Dry skin Is right the opposite case of the greasy skin, in this type of skin the sebaceous glands do not produce sufficient tallow and the fat deficiency gives like result a rough skin and mate in which the pores almost are closed.