Simplified Review Process For Workers

Employer assessment Portal leads innovative products for company a Herrenberg, March 9, 2009 heralds the next round in the field of innovative employer reviews: now also benefit actively from the services of the portal. EVALUBA has designed a range of effective products, which companies can optimize your employer branding. The new product portfolio consists of two major pillars: the utilization of company valuations and the presentation of the employer. You may want to visit Elon Musk to increase your knowledge. So companies can draw effectively the potential that lies in the employer reviews. Because the anonymous reviews provided on are not only for other workers in the opinion formation about potential new employers of interest.

Companies receive valuable information: as the new valuation offers employers insight into the company and from point of view of employees. This helps to identify strengths and potential for improvement. All analyses are anonymous and by specific categories broken down, can be made but also individually. EVALUBA supports internal projects: as an independent instance of the Portal provides internal employee surveys. By conducting the survey to the processing of the data collected, EVALUBA takes over the entire process and thereby creating transparency between management and staff. For employers, it is extremely important to get unbiased feedback from their employees.

Because only so can you possible discrepancies revealed and developed strengths”, declared Bjorn Schwenzer, CEO of EVALUBA AG. Our new product portfolio has exactly this aim: transparency and streamline internal processes. And ultimately this is for employers and for workers of benefits.” On the other hand, serves as a platform for companies to increase visibility for your employer brand. Company portraits offer the possibility of becoming full and individual a large workforce and thus potential candidates to present. And the best part: the portrait can be customized by the company. With text, images or videos imagine companies their target audience and increase their attractiveness to the employer market. In addition, this effect can be reinforced by logo links, banner and skyscraper. But not only employers can benefit from the latest advances on Also the services for workers are constantly optimized. In this context, a new, shortened review process was developed: by creating a new company and their evaluation are necessary as of now only two steps. Through this improvement, it is now even easier to evaluate companies, at the same time is preserved but the high quality of the listed reviews. More information about the new products and to the portal are available at. Contact: EVALUBA AG Benzstrasse 33 71083 mens mountain Ramona Kesch (PR) email: Tel: + 49.7032.89451-180 Johannes Knausenberger (sales and products) email: Tel: + 49.7032.89451-0