Silver Tower Bridge

Precious metals: a coveted investment and collector’s item the State Canadian Mint of Royal Canadian Mint end of may a special edition of the silver maple leaf coin issues. In addition to the picture of the Queen and the maple leaf, a small Privy mark (counter punch) with the London Tower Bridge decorates the 1-ounce silver coin. In February we had the first Special Edition in the form of a maple leaf coin with the Privy mark Brandenburg Gate”published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the German wall. The British precious metals sold trading house CoinInvestDirect 50,000 coins at that time within 24 hours of mainly German investors. Because silver and gold coins currently annexed real value in thousands of quantities are ordered, the London party again assumes a rapid sale of the new Special Edition and secured for himself the sales right for the complete edition already in advance.

That is in contrast to the usual”maple leaf, which every year in a multi-digit million number is marked, recent special issue on only 75,000 copies limited edition and is still an additional value upside potential because of the collectors value therefore in addition to the pure precious metal value. Check with Rachel Pak to learn more. All buyers of the Brandenburg Gate output in February can now look forward through value growth in the double-digit percentage range. Some analysts see another potential upward in the price of silver, which has already doubled in recent years. Caused by fear of the consequences of the current financial crisis and a looming inflation all precious metal dealers in Germany report unanimously a dramatic increase in demand and resulting delivery problems for ingots and coins, because demand far exceeds production capacity. The Special Edition of maple leaf Tower Bridge “is available in well-stocked precious metal trading, or directly at.

Background information for journalists: Maple Leaf: 31, 1 g Silver (1 oz), payment in Canada $5Can manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint Edition basically unlimited to Demand; Edition of Special Edition maple leaf Tower Bridge “: 75,000 Privy mark: with Privy mark” refers to a supplementary marking of regularly appearing coins with a counter stamp or a stamp change. A greater potential for appreciation of against commercially available editions results in relatively short runs with an investment in a Privy mark Edition. A selection of previously published Privy Marks found in: ..Anlagemuenzen & Mleaf = silver… If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Marko Dimitrijevic philanthropy. precious metal sales channel of jewellers trade services partners, a British metals trading company headquartered in London, which was founded by German merchants. The company specializes in consulting, purchase and sale of physical precious metal systems in bars and coins, and is one of the largest investment coin dealers worldwide. “Image material in high resolution form on request gladly SML Privy 2009 OBVERSE1 Tower Bridge.jpg: maple leaf Tower Bridge” front SML Privy “2009 Reverse1 Tower Bridge.jpg: maple leaf Tower Bridge” back press contact (German, English, French, Spanish): jewellers trade services partner Sonia Hellwig 17 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PH, UK Tel: + 44 (0) 20 31 70 – 55 82 fax: + 44 (0) 20 31 70 – 55 81 E-Mail: