What is self storage or autoalmacenamiento? Been born in the United States, self storage or autoalmacenamiento talks about a form to keep personal properties or those from a company in units of different measures, during the time that is necessary. They are generally facilities of independent storage that serve to keep products from the home or are very useful you stop the small companies (SME), that usually keep the excess of inventory there, of registries or the dead file. The rented spaces are known like lockers, units or miniwarehouses, whose security is guaranteed by a lock and a key that is given to the user. The stored goods or products are not assured by the company that serves; that is the responsibility of the user. In fact they store in risk situation, so if the client wants to have protection for his goods, more bond than thinks about acquiring a good one surely.

The portable miniwarehouses The autoalmacenamiento also can be portable, that is to say that the user can count on a miniwarehouse in the place needs where it. The sizes of the miniwarehouses vary and go from both to the 200 square meters. The user can rent a miniwarehouse by 15 days or more time. Normally the storage units have walls with indented metal and they do not have windows. In case the miniwarehouses are not portable, there are some buildings that count on facilities of miniwarehouses and have a unique plant with pursuit of the units with natural ventilation. In the portable miniwarehouses foods can be stored, as long as they have ventilation. The clients can store nontoxic nor perishable materials, for example personal, movable articles, motorcycles, saturated retail merchandise, etc.