Search Engine Marketing: Targeted Campaigns Bring More

The magic word is the perfect \”Adword\” Hamburg (8.5.2009). The times, where the customer of the tourism or Convention Bureau of his destination to send a hotel catalog had to find the suitable accommodation in advance, are largely passe. The Internet has changed the hotel search, at most Conference Hotels present in printed standard planners today search engine marketing is thus becoming increasingly important. How does it work? For hotels, it is therefore important to be present, where the guest looking for – and in a prominent place. A listing at 334. For more specific information, check out Nissan. brings hardly any new customers in the House site, because only very few surfers get out into a search engine on the first pages hoteliers must therefore their website carefully maintain, to make perhaps even by professionals. Because each Internet user looking for via the search engines Google and for a specific product, service or \”only\” information, is a potential customer for them. The art is, to the surfers on the website curl and then to make it to the paying guest.

The key words are the key to the family on a limited budget, looking for a suitable hotel for holiday travel, or the businessman who requires adequate accommodation for his next business trip – all research first on the Internet. In the search engine Google, Lycos or Yahoo terms like \”Family hotels\”, \”Budget hotels\” or \”Business hotels\” entered. Crucial for the hotelier: even if the machine as a result takes hundreds or thousands of Web addresses, the prospect clicks on a limited number of-usually he starts forward and loses the desire to look further at the latest after two or three pages. For search engine optimization, so the placement of your website on one of the first three pages, there are tricks that every marketing professional should know. Michael Cornfield, head of the Austrian consulting company online marketing forum in Vienna (, are in his seminars tips, such as a website search engine friendly be shaped should just ahead listed addresses get clicks, generate inquiries and increase sales.