Sea Procurement

Measured long beeps more derived from Sergei equilibrium. Apparently, the technicians were still asleep, or asleep, or drinking coffee, and they did not care that somewhere out there, on the other side of the country clients can not understand their heaped system. Citibank is often mentioned in discussions such as these. From gloomy thoughts distracted by Sergei gentle cough and the voice of local programmer – "Brain", as all called him. "Sergey, there is clearly not our herd, and the network did not at affairs … The system simply can not handle the request, so call to tech support.

And why you they bought a yearly subscription? ". Fingers automatically got a new cigarette with the thought: "Really, what we've added so much money if the company is unable to provide normal service? So, what to do next, while it runs … "Sergei nodded and said something to the programmer, and returned to his work place, littered with all sorts of documents. Work with the state order was always paper and required great precision and accuracy than Sergei to perfection, but now it's ability was to no avail, as if taken out of the total beautiful figure, and therefore, find themselves helpless and useless. Everyone in this office to perform its task, however, is now an established mechanism was broken, because Search unexpectedly fell and apparently was not going to stand up to am. The decision came immediately, and knocking the fingers on the keyboard by typing in the search engine key terms of state order … A dozen pages open, intense study, and it seems that here it is, the moment of truth! Sergei are interested in a two-day low-cost access to the resources of the new search engine, which appeared on the market of state purchases a couple of months ago.