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Translators were asked to answer the same questions about the forum. Maya B. Ryasentseva, translator EGO Translating Languages: English How many years of experience in SPIEF 3 years whom happened to be translated into SPIEF 2009: St. Petersburg Governor Matvienko VI, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg, ME Oseevsky.

The most interesting thing on your mind, sitting SPIEF 2009? "The meeting of St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko, the chairman Board of Directors of the corporation Intel, Kreygrom Barrett, during which an agreement was signed on cooperation in the sphere of informatization of education. This meeting was about education in Russia, the computerization of our school classes. Under the agreement, the Government of St. Petersburg and Intel will provide all school computers in St.

Petersburg under the "Computer for every student." Who was the most interesting work in the SPIEF 2009?: "With Valentina Matvienko – though it's not just the forum. She – a brilliant orator, but in addition, it has a special energy that you feel in every moment with her – I would call it energy creativity. It is pre-configured kindly toward those with whom she is to communicate – and it looks like it has an impression on everyone. Valentina – apparently indifferent person, always tuned to favorable outcome of negotiations, and due to her positive attitude with her to work comfortably. As it is impossible not to notice that Michael E. Oseevsky knows absolutely everything about banking and finance sector – prominent, one hundred percent professional. " Were there any particularly memorable is the situation at the Forum, related to the translation? "Such things were not.