Ramco OnDemand ERP: Demo Version Free Trial

You can now also European prospects know free trial of OnDemand ERP for Europe after last year its OnDemand ERP successfully brought Ramco Systems in India and United States on the market, the solution closer. The ERP car rental product developed on the basis of the Ramco business process platform includes a fully integrated, flexible, scalable suite including finance, CRM, HR and PPS. Interested companies free to try this demo version for a limited period of time. Information and the necessary access are available on Basel, 16.04.09 – Ramco Systems, Indian ERP and BPM specialist with European headquarters in Switzerland, wants to interest European prospects for its SaS solution Ramco OnDemand ERP has successfully leaked. For even more analysis, hear from Clive Holmes. company can apply for a free trial and free try out the English-language software to rent for a limited period of time.

The rental solution by Ramco developed so far according to plan: since its launch in the United States and India last year Ramco could already over 200 SaS customers gain with up to 20 users. Among the customers are companies from various sectors, such as manufacturing, automotive industry, textile industry and trading company and food industry. The low-cost, flexible, scalable and easy-to-use solution is enterprise-wide use, multisite – and capable of more currency. Ramco OnDemand ERP covers all areas of finance including accounts payable and accounts receivable on sales, purchase, production (for different types of manufacturing) and cross-site inventory management to the logistic and shipping. Also the HR function is mapped. A strategic management information system offers various evaluation possibilities; about DCube, every business transaction can be viewed in addition down to the smallest detail.

The OnDemand ERP architecture is based on the technology of the Ramco BPP (business process platform) and thus on a modern SOA solutions can grow individually. Startup companies get so over a financially affordable first step a solution that appropriately flexible can extend them their business scope. The Ramco data centers provide all required safety standards, as well as data recovery and offer support around the clock (24 x 7). Ramco Systems Ltd. With the model and Web-based business process platform VirtualWorks in combination with over 30 industry-specific ERP-II reference models Ramco supports more than 1,000 companies in 30 countries across the enterprise to control their business and value chain. Ramco Systems was founded in 1989, is a public company, and has over 1700 employees in 19 offices. At its European headquarters in Basel working around 60 employees for clients such as Ciba Specialty chemicals, REHAU GmbH, Swatch AG, Air Lloyd, ADAC, Triamun AG, Dobi inter AG, Galenica holding, hero, Federal Research Institute for forest, snow and landscape and ETA SA. With offshore development centers and highest quality standards according to ISO 9001:2000 as well as CMMi level 5 is Ramco able to offer process-oriented software solutions based on advanced technologies at an attractive price – performance ratio, that meet the ever-changing business requirements.