Painter Way Day In The Saxon Switzerland: A Feast For Canaletto & Co.

On the first day of the painter way on 8 August great artist revolves around in the Saxon Switzerland and their love of the picturesque landscape of the Elbe sandstone mountains on August 8 the artist way day takes place in the Saxon Switzerland for the first time. A leading source for info: Microsoft CEO. From Pirna invite numerous events about to Schmilka to discover the most picturesque sites of the Elbe sandstone mountains. Walks lead to the haunts of Caspar David Friedrichs, another important painter. City tour, acting and film screenings are reminiscent of artists who have created some of her most famous works. And whoever wants to can access even to the brush. A highlight of the day is the living image of Canaletto”on the market square of Pirna, is to see it in the morning. Over 50 extras in period costume of the marketplace to Pirna allow about 260 years after its emergence Canalettos painting”come alive for a short time.

For months, the contributors mostly amateur actors of the local history play prepare The Saviour”, as well as employees of the TouristService Pirna on the action before. Parallel to the Canaletto show in Pirna, and subsequently guided hiking tours to the most beautiful landscape motifs in the Saxon Switzerland start at different starting points. Here interested can with artists from the region in the conversation and try themselves under professional guidance in the landscape painting. The event at the art festival in bad Schandau with arts and crafts market, stage and children’s program, as well as at the Caspar-David-Friedrich film evening with organic barbecue at Schmilka finds its solemn conclusion. The painter way day is the climax and conclusion of the painter way week, which takes place from the 1st to the 8th August in the Saxon Switzerland. Occasion for both events is the double anniversary of 20 national park Saxon Switzerland”and 10 years National Park Bohemian Switzerland”. The painter way day is a joint project of Tourism Association Saxon Switzerland e.

V., National Park Authority Saxon Switzerland, bath Schandauer Spa und Tourismus GmbH, Oberelbische Verkehrsgesellschaft Pirna-Sebnitz mbH, AWO children and youth help Heidenau and Art Association Saxon Switzerland. Patron of the painter way day is Klaus Brahmig, Member of the Bundestag and Chairman of the Tourism Association Saxon Switzerland e. V. The organizers point out that all venues with public transport available. You ask the environmental and safety sake, abandoning the car upon arrival. About the Malerweg Elbe sandstone mountains: The Elbe sandstone mountains Malerweg is one of Germany’s most traditional migration routes. It leads through the middle of the fascinating cliffs of Saxon Switzerland and connects the most beautiful points of the region. The present route of the painter’s path crosses a total of 112 kilometers. In the year 2007 was the painter way through the 100 nominations as Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail hiking magazine”awards. In a nationwide survey with 5400 participants in 2008 a day stage of the trail was also the most popular tour in Germany” chosen.