Old Lion Sheep

Suddenly a person disappears, and it causes fear. The death of a person's identity is scary. We are not going to kill personal, we will transform it to expand and consolidate. Now we have to open everything again, and perhaps for the first time, to answer myself, who am I? We remember the many things that we can become a walking encyclopedia and remember library in the world. This is an external memory, it is correct. The real one memory, it will come when you will remember myself. Forget oneself is the only sin out of all possible, the rest of the darkness, the investigation forgetting about yourself is true. In ancient times, the lioness quickly, jumping from one hill to another.

The lioness was pregnant and gave birth in mid-air. Place of birth was between two hills. At that time, between those two hills, the flocks pass sheep. Born lion fell into a herd of sheep and raised him. Naturally he began to consider himself a sheep. Once, an old lion approached the sheep flock in search of food. Leo could not believe my eyes.

He saw a young lion among the strong sheep and those not afraid of him. Old lion remembered the food and began to hunt and it's more than enough, the young lion started to run away from him, along with the sheep. Trying to catch the young. He cried and cried, begged to let him go to his relatives. But, the old lion dragged him to the nearest lake and helped him to see their reflection in the clear water. The young lion saw its reflection and reflection near the old lion. It was an instant transformation in consciousness, and he gave a great roar of the king Nature. All nature is reflected young lion's roar. The young lion had never growled because he considered himself a sheep and never doubted this. Old Lion did his job, and now everything depended on the young lion. To the question you want Do you now return to the fold, has caused much laughter among the young lion.