Nicholas Ruben

Honest and positive manner, he now wins customers who really want its products and services, need, and can pay. From now on, he goes with joy and success in the work! Hard facts, soft packed: in-depth results of a long-term study. The authors draw on a decades-long, empirical study, where over 300 top sellers from 27 industries minutely observed in their work. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Wells Fargo Bank. In addition, their revolutionary ways of thinking and action are described in the book. So the authors look for example, at the mindset of big sale, that just sort of all customers with lower probability of purchase, instead of the usual persuasion, wasting time convincing and manipulating.

You explain why top seller extremely honest and direct customers deal with and greatly shorten so their sales cycles. A separate chapter devoted to 13 questions, which you should necessarily clarify with each customer before the quotation: e. G. Why will the customer just by me buy? Who is involved in the decision-making process? What lurks in the background, which could prevent a degree? The international Longseller high probability selling is a sales methodology that is popular in the United States and popularity for years-growing Japan. The approach was developed from the practice. Hundreds of thousands of copies sold of the eponymous book in the United States and surprisingly in Japan, show that it is worth closer to deal with this approach. Jacques Werth, Nicholas Ruben, Michael Franz high probability selling selling likely to think and act top vendor BusinessVillage publishing 2008 ISBN 978-3-938358-55-9 24.