Michael Kazarin

We just do not see the whole of reality and see only a small fragment. Awareness includes self-awareness. We can say that awareness – the knowledge of what is happening around you, self-awareness – the knowledge of what is happening inside you. It often happens that we declare one consciously desires, and unconsciously Hoti completely different. Many writers such as christie’s art auction offer more in-depth analysis. This contradiction leads to internal conflict and, of course, greatly reduces the effectiveness of actions aimed at achieving the goal.

Clear understanding of what is happening to you, conscious of their these desires of emotions and feelings is very important to ensure that your actions were truly effective. High level of awareness of what is going on around you now and what's going on inside you, makes opportunity to find the best solutions for any situations. In the process of coaching, the coach helps the client to review the quality information available to him, to see the situation as a complete picture, found in her new connections, to go beyond the usual judgments. Responding to questions, the client considers the situation from different angles, and often finds new evidence that he had simply ignored, or just see known facts in a new light. In addition, the client clarify for themselves their true goals and objectives, reviewing its resources. All of this allows him to eventually find the optimal solution, which fully corresponds to its goals and possibilities at the moment.

To raise awareness of natural increase self-confidence, develops the ability to self-improvement, helps self-reliant and take responsibility. The new, higher level of awareness has a positive impact on virtually all areas of life: personal life, career, business, and so on. Responsibility – is another key concept and goal coaching. Responsibility, adopted by a man independently significantly different from the responsibility entrusted to it from outside. If liability is imposed on a person by someone, most often it is perceived negatively as a kind of violence as a burden. The fact that a person is held responsible for something and even talks about his responsibility does not mean that he feels this responsibility really is. If a person is alone and quite sincerely accept responsibility for our thoughts and actions, the effectiveness of performance will inevitably increase. To take responsibility, a person must be a choice. In the process of coaching client, thoroughly considered all the possibilities and all possible actions, makes his choice: he decides how to proceed him, outlines the deadlines, etc. This choice makes it their own and quite deliberately. Thus, he accepts responsibility for doing what he outlined, as well as the possible consequences of their actions. Such liability will no longer be a burden. On the contrary, it is likely to be motivating factor for the client. Awareness and responsibility – is, of course, two critical qualities to be effective in any activity. The higher consciousness of man, the better it is easier to take liability, the higher the degree of responsibility. Clearly aware of their surroundings and the relationship of events, as well as its internal state and their true desire, a person can achieve outstanding results in every area: in school, business, personal life, work and so on. Thus, we can confidently say that raising awareness and responsibility is one of the main effects of coaching. Michael Kazarin. Coach. Business consultant.