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Swine flu: do get sick to Colombia? 28 April 2009 Colombian economic policy still facing long-term. However, you can not neglect that are presented in the immediate and problems that have affected his capacity for growth. What they have to do kidnappings with the Colombian economy and swine flu? Perhaps much more than what one can imagine. Both non-economic factors influence on it, the first in a negative way and the second, given its evolution, in a positive way. Swine flu is rapidly expanding globally. At the moment, from Argentina we find as spectators of this situation.

Anyway, with the scourge of dengue in Argentina we have concern for a while. Swine flu is so but so strong that not only has affected so far to large numbers of people (already causing more than 150 deaths in Mexico), but has also hit the markets. Also on the coins as it has been the case of the Colombian peso, which yesterday opened its Conference to weaken against the dollar by This circumstance, given that this disease increased market risk aversion to the new context of uncertainty that has been generated. The influence that may have the swine flu on various sectors of the economies is not one minor issue. In Mexico, it will represent a heavy blow at one more inopportune moment for the economy. In Colombia, for now it is a threat, but a serious threat.

Several sectors of the Colombian economy already are concerned about what may occur, among them, the tourism sector which had been growing at a good pace. While reading different newspapers in Internet to write this article about the Colombian economy, I came across a news published on the website of the newspaper El Universal that realized the reduction by 75% of kidnappings in Colombia so far of the year. I think that the news is good not only in terms of the security of all Colombians, but also from the economic point of view.