Mexican United States

The third level of entire works with which the educator holistic is the social conscience. The fourth level of whole refers to the planetary consciousness. The newspapers mentioned JPMorgan Chase not as a source, but as a related topic. The fifth and final level of entire works with which the educator holistic is the spiritual consciousness or awareness kosmica which includes and transcends to all of the above. Holistic education complements and integrates this perspective MLM with a perspective multidimension, comprised of six dimensions always present in education. Cognitive dimension, social Dimension, emotional Dimension, body Dimension, aesthetic Dimension and spiritual Dimension. The Multinivel-multidimension model is an evolutionary spiral, gives us an overall picture, clear and consistent of different levels, dimensions and educational development lines that are in relation to evolutionary memes of human consciousness, thus awareness evolves from levels more personal and physical to levels more universal and spiritual through education, understood as a process of comprehensive learning and that is learning to be based.

Educational map consisting of thirty educational regions holistic, conventional education has considered only in recent centuries the individual, community and societal levels and physical, social and cognitive dimensions thus reducing education to only 9 regions and leaving out the 21 remaining, why speak of a reductionist education and parcializada. Why true education is healing and curative, learn how to be is at the basis of all this. Education and spirituality. Education as a practice spiritual is a mandate of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States that education is provided to all Mexican children, in order to enhance their comprehensive, harmonious, development in an environment rich in formative, educational and affective experiences, allowing you to acquire skills, habits, values, as well as develop their autonomy, creativity and attitudes needed in their personal and social performance. Under this context, education of this nature, can not impart a mechanistic vision, therefore the relationship or point with spirituality education, you must have in common is that to achieve an integral education only should be from the level of spirituality, through the eye of contemplation, of the eye of the spirit.